Daily Archives: January 7, 2015

The Clayton Luckie-James Schmidt Paradox

OCGJ began 2014 with the Anuszewski-Zinn Paradox which documented bazaar contradictions in the outcome of two court cases more than a decade apart, but within virtually the same judicial and law enforcement infrastructure.  We will begin 2015 with a similar analysis of two other cases related to Clayton Luckie and James Schmidt, two elected officials forced out of office by ethics violations, one receiving a three year prison sentence and the other probation and community service. A good intelligence analyst earns his bread and butter by detecting what changes and what doesn’t.  A great intelligence analyst earns hers the same way, but doing it in real time or near real time.  The same can be said for any law enforcement investigator, investigative reporter or whistleblower.  So what was …

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