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Defendant friendly Mike DeWine

Of course Mike DeWine doesn’t treat all those accused of a crime like friends and family, but when he does they normally receive a “get-out-of-jail-free” card.  Former Marine Michael Brelo isn’t that lucky.  But before we begin, we want to make it perfectly clear that OCGJ is not passing judgement on the guilt or innocence of Mike Brelo…..that’s up to the courts, unless of course Mike DeWine decides to weigh in as he has in the past regarding sexual harassment allegations from his staff.  In any case, what we will do is shine a bright light on the process that got Cleveland cop Mike Brelo in a position where he has to literally fight for his freedom, not to mention the long term security of his family. Mike …

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A tale of two fall guys (Part 2)

In our last post OCGJ compared the transgressions and sentencing of rogue Athens County (Ohio) sheriff, Pat Kelly to another criminal, former Greene County Treasurer, James Schmidt.  After years of causing embarrassment to the political class, Kelly was prosecuted and sent to prison for seven years.  In contrast, Schmidt was offered probation with a nominal fine despite stealing from Greene County taxpayers for over two decades.  The main difference between Kelly and Schmidt is that Republican James Schmidt for nearly a quarter century operated inside Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s inner circle where Kelly was a Democrat outsider looking in. This week OCGJ will compare recently disgraced 4-term Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock to Dave Hobson, 9-term Republican Congressman from Ohio.  Just as in the Kelly-Schmidt dichotomy, there are …

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