Message from John Mitchel

Fellow Americans,

Welcome to If you viewed the video above, this will look very familiar, however the repetition is important as we need to be sure we’re on the same page as we go forward with our message leading up to the May 4th primary.

Everyone agrees America is in serious trouble. We have a $12.4 trillion debt and rising. We’ve been at war for nearly a decade. Unemployment is greater than 10%. Since 1980, Ohio has lost five Congressional House seats and we will lose two more after the 2010 Census. We need to step back and ask, “Who is responsible?” I believe that’s a fair question that deserves an honest answer.

Since 1983 Ohio’s 7th Congressional District has had three Congressmen, Mike DeWine, Dave Hobson and Steve Austria. Mr. DeWine picked Dave Hobson as his successor and Dave Hobson picked Steve Austria as his. If Mr. Austria gets his way, in 20 years or so, he will choose his replacement; that is if America doesn’t fall off the cliff before then. In any case, it’s not their seat to hand down in the first place; the people should decide. So how is John Mitchel different from Mike DeWine, Dave Hobson and Steve Austria? Remember the 1994 Contract with America?

One clause in the Contract was Government reform. The Republican caucus drafted a law mandating that Congress should live by the same laws as the people. They actually admitted they operated above the law, but did nothing about it. The Contract also called for 12-year term limits in the House and 12 years in the Senate, but 12 years is not long enough for a career politician. The Contract also pushed for tax reform; a tax code that was fair, simple and paid the bills. No movement there either.

I have irreconcilable differences with Mr. DeWine, Mr. Hobson, and Mr. Austria and virtually every other career politician on these three issues. I have already exposed wholesale fraud, waste, abuse and corruption here in Greene and Montgomery County. I will self-impose term limits of no more than two terms. I will co-sponsor H.R. 25, which when passed will enable the FairTax.

But I’m going to be honest; we have a mountain to climb if we are going to unseat incumbent. First, we have a politically incorrect candidate in more ways than one. For starters, as you can see, he has a great face for radio. Furthermore, our battle is not just against Mr. DeWine, Mr. Hobson and Mr. Austria; it’s against the Republican machine in Columbus, Ohio and Washington D.C. Moreover, our opponents have a lot to lose, and they will not give up easily.

This will be an epic battle, but it’s time we take a stand. That starts today, and with your vote in the May 4th primary we will be well on our way to taking America back. Thank you for visiting, come back soon and often, and next time bring a friend. Hope to see you out there on the campaign trail.

In Liberty,

John Mitchel