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BRAC Initiative Agreement basics

The political class characterizes arrangements like the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Initiative Agreement as “public-private partnerships,” however when OCGJ brought the BRAC Initiative Agreement out from the shadows into the bright sunshine, we learned that the 2003 contract between...


Who will guard the guards?

Bill Schenck, former Greene County Prosecutor recently embarrassed himself and his employer, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine in a police cam video taken shortly before his arrest for operating a vehicle impaired (OVI).  If you ask those who know Mr. Schenck,...


Schmidt gets a free pass on due process

No one held stronger “insider” credentials than James W. Schmidt, former Greene County Treasurer.  Mr. Schmidt held the same County elected office for over 25 years (this may be Ohio’s strongest case ever for term limits).  He also served as Greene County Republican...